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Magnesium Metals with Polymer Composite Coatings for Orthopedic Applications

发布日期:2019-12-16 09:51|浏览量:   来源:  

讲座题目:Magnesium Metals with Polymer Composite Coatings for Orthopedic Applications


主讲嘉宾:魏涛 教授

讲座时间: 2019年12月20日 10:00-11:30(周五)

讲座地点: 化工楼A316

报告摘要:Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys have been intensively explored as the next-generation of metallic bone substitutes in the past decades, but their rapid corrosion rate in physiological environments is still a great hindrance for further therapeutic applications. In this talk, I will introduce our recent work in designing the biodegradable poly (L-lactic acid) (PLLA) coatings on pure Mg substrates (99.99 wt.%) with tunable surface morphologies through dip-coating in combination with mixed non-solvent induced phase separation (Dip-coating-mNIPS) method to regulate the corrosion behavior and biocompatibility. By using the mixtures of solvents, we obtained PLLA coatings with different pore sizes and morphologies. We further developed an organic-inorganic composite coating consisting of PLLA and water-soluble Mg salt particles served as a protective layer on the surface of a pure Mg substrate. Compared to the pure PLLA coating, the implementation of the Mg salt coating could allow for quick initial release of Mg2+and impeded degradation of the Mg substrate simultaneously. In particular, we demonstrated that the composite-coated sample favored cellular adhesion and attachment, cell spreading, and cellular proliferation. These encouragingin vitrodata provide significant evidence of the potential practical value of this PLLA-based composite coating on Mg substrates for numerous orthopedic applications.


报告人简介:魏涛,博士,香港中文大学化学系教授,理学院助理院长,英国皇家化学学会会士。他在香港中文大学师从吴奇院士,研究高分子激光光散射和高分子溶液理论,于2003年获得博士学位;随后赴德国巴斯夫路德维希总部开展了两年的博士后工作,主要研究领域为胶体与表面化学。之后赴明尼苏达大学Timothy P. Lodge课题组开展了短期研究。他于2006年在香港中文大学任职,于2017年升任正教授。他目前的研究领域主要为胶体、表面化学、高分子和软物质等。